60 CFM Complete system
manual battery backup

60 CFM Safe Cell complete system with manual battery backup

The only Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical air filtration system with a manual battery backup system. If the grid drops out, it takes just seconds to switch the cord to the battery!

Everything’s included

Shown here are the 60 CFM Safe Cell, a backup hand crank, two blast valves (one for the intake and one for the outflow), an overpressure valve, an automatic ventilation blower.

Also shown are some user supplied items: the deep cycle battery, a length of 4 inch, schedule 40 ABS plastic pipe with optional pipe clamps, and an extra length of hose on the top of the pipe.

Everything you need to turn your underground shelter into a blast protected collective protection safe room. We even throw in flat rate discounted ground shipping with complete systems!

Easy Installation

The two blast valves mount over the intake and outflow penetration pipes with the included concrete wedge anchors and heavy duty gasket. Once they are in place, the Safe Cell and the automatic ventilation blower are mounted where the flexible air intake hose can reach them both. This hose can be slipped right onto the intake blast valve, or plastic pipe can be used to plumb down from a ceiling mounted blast valve – as shown in the picture above. That’s it for the intake. On the outflow, the overpressure valve is slipped onto the outflow blast valve. That’s it. Everything goes together with nuts and bolts. Easy installation!

For a more detailed explanation – see the manual.


What’s included with this package

The 60 CFM complete system with manual battery backup comes with everything necessary to pull it from the boxes and install it inside an underground shelter:

  • One AC and DC capable 60 CFM Safe Cell with a complete filter bank, includes a pre-filter set, a nuclear grade HEPA particulate filter, and a carbon adsorber.
  • One wall mount bracket, 2 quick release clamps, 2 star nuts & 4 concrete wedge anchors.
  • One AC and one DC power cord.
  • One 60 inch chemical resistant flexible air intake hose.
  • One emergency hand crank.
  • Two blast valves with gaskets, concrete wedge anchors, and a masonry drill bit.
  • One preset overpressure valve with both wall and ceiling adapters.
  • One automatic ventilation blower.
  • One hard copy of the installation and operation manuals.

Prices, availability, and ordering

ASR-100-12V-NBC-COMP-HC (with hand crank) – $5,395

$350 flat rate shipping to lower 48, $650 flat rate to HI and AK



The complete system comes in five boxes and is priced at hundreds less than the sum of the individual items! Flat rate UPS Ground shipping is GREATLY REDUCED. The average shipping cost we pay UPS to deliver one of these systems is over $300.

Just before the Iraqi war of 2003 and right after the Japanese Fukusdshima nuclear power plant event in 2011, we were overwhelmed with filter orders. We ran out of HEPA filters in just a few days – all for the American market. The special nuclear grade HEPA filters we use are individually scan tested and comply with UL 586. It normally takes three weeks to get an order delivered to us from the largest American filter manufacturer. If there is a nuclear event anywhere in the world, the interest in acquiring an NBC air filtration system will be relentless. Be sure and see our replacement filter page. Every Safe Cell should have at least one complete reload of filters.

Please contact our sales department to place your order.