NBC/CBRN Air Filtration Systems

  • Manufactured in the United States continuously since 2002 with thousands of installations including Nuclear Power Plant refuge chambers, Chemical Factories, Harbor Patrol Vessels and hardened/unhardened Civilian Safe Rooms. 



  • Knowledgeable American based OEM customer support and up to 36% more filtered output than imported / resold competing systems

Safe Cell NBC Filtration Systems



60 CFM Filtered Output

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120 CFM Filtered Output





60 CFM complete system

Why you need an NBC air filtration system

In your home, safe room, or bomb shelter, there is no substitute for a broad spectrum overpressure air filtration system with multiple redundant backup systems:

No substitute – gas masks, bottles of oxygen, carbon dioxide scrubbers, or duct tape and plastic won’t keep your family breathing for several weeks or months. You need a specialized filtration system designed just for the threats we face today.

Broad spectrum -protection against Smoke, Radioactive fallout and harmful gasses/vapors. The Safe Cell’s nuclear grade HEPA filter and the special carbon blend optimized for radioactive iodine handle any airborne threat.

Overpressure – ensures air flows outward through any leaks. This pressure differential prevents unfiltered, unprotected air from entering your protected space.

Redundant backup systems – Stage 1: 12v Battery Backup switches on automatically to prevent loss of overpressure.  Stage 2:  Emergency Back up Hand Crank provides filtered airflow in the event of total power failure.

NBC air filter - the Safe Cell

Design specifications and filter certification

The Safe Cell NBC air filter has been engineered to meet the critical specifications outlined in the US Army Corps of Engineers Design of Collective Protection Shelters to Resist Chemical, Biological, and Radiological (CBR) Agents, Technical Letter Number ETL 1110-3-498.

We have a comprehensive page dedicated to documenting the testing and certifications of the Safe Cell. See it here: Safe Cell Testing and Certifications

What’s in the ASR-COMP-HC and why?

  • One emergency hand crank kit to keep you breathing in a total power failure.
  • Two blast valves with gaskets, concrete wedge anchors, and a masonry drill bit for 7 Bar (101 psi) blast protection and manual lockdown control of your airflow.
  • One preset overpressure valve with both wall and ceiling adapters to prevent low pressure backdrafting.
  • One automatic ventilation blower to extend the life of critical filtration and adsorbtion media while maintaining a comfortable living environment. 
  • Two additional prefilter sets
  • One hard copy of the installation and operation manuals.

In Stock in the United States

In addition to having the more filtered output than imported foreign systems the ASR Safe Cell’s supply chain starts in America, not in Europe. Manufactured at a facility in southern Oregon, with both the 60 CFM and the 120 CFM Safe Cells in stock for fast delivery.

With all design, manufacture, assembly and quality control taking place in house ASR has the expertise to deliver quality product and quality customer service for years to come. 

The history of the Safe Cell


The Safe Cell NBC air filter has been in continuous production since 2002. It’s a mature product that has gone through several evolutionary design changes and numerous product improvement revisions at the hands of industry innovators and through customer feedback alike.  With over two decades in service, the Safe Cell is a trusted and reliable solution for your NBC protection needs. 

Find out who invented it and how it was designed: The history of the Safe Cell.

Online Installation and Operation Manuals

All ASR product manuals are hosted online for download or review. Often times, these manuals will hold the answers to any questions you might have regarding installation, operation and testing but an ASR associate will always be available to field questions and help you with the protection you need.