NBC Air Filtration Systems

The Safe Cell Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical air filtration system

  • Manufactured in the United States continuously since 2002 with thousands of installations
  • Used in refuge chambers of nuclear power plants, chemical factories, and chosen for dozens of Homeland Security funded harbor patrol vessels
  • Designed in accordance with the US Army Corps of Engineers technical letter on collective proteciton.

Safe Room and Bomb Shelter filtration systems

Manual battery backup systems
AC and DC wires share a port


$2475 - stock item!



$4,225 - stock item!

Automatic battery backup systems
AC and DC wires each have a port


$3,175 - stock item!



$5,225 - stock item!

Automatic battery backup systems
AC and DC wires each have a port


$5,975 - stock item!



$7,975 - stock item!

Every Safe Cell has a battery backup system built in. The manual battery backup models require the AC electrical cord to be removed and replaced with the DC cord. The automatic battery backup models switch from AC to DC automatically when the grid goes down.

Includes everything you need to set it up: a complete bank of filters, a wall mount bracket, AC and DC electrical cords, an air intake hose, and a hard copy of the manual. Installation is easy – bolt it together and plug it in!

The Complete Systems (on the bottom row, above) also include: two blast valves, one overpressure valve, one backup hand crank, and a separate blower for ventilation.

60 CFM complete system

Why you need an NBC air filtration system

In your home, safe room, or bomb shelter, there is no substitute for a broad spectrum overpressure air filtration system with redundant backup systems:

No substitute – gas masks, bottles of oxygen, carbon dioxide scrubbers, or duct tape and plastic won’t keep your family breathing for several weeks or months. You need a specialized filtration system designed just for the threats we face today.

Broad spectrum – from radioactive fallout particles to to VX nerve gas, the Safe Cell’s nuclear grade HEPA filter and the special carbon blend optimized for radioactive iodine handle any airborne threat.

Overpressure – this means more pressure inside the safe room than outside of it. The air flows outward through any leaks. This continuous flow of air prevents toxic laden unfiltered air from entering your protected space.

Redundant backup systems – the first is a built in battery backup capability; either manual or automatic. The second is the optional hand pump or hand crank. When the grid goes down, you can stay buttoned up!

NBC air filter - the Safe Cell

Design specifications and filter certification

The Safe Cell NBC air filter has been engineered to meet the critical specifications outlined in the US Army Corps of Engineers Design of Collective Protection Shelters to Resist Chemical, Biological, and Radiological (CBR) Agents, Technical Letter Number ETL 1110-3-498.

We have a comprehensive page dedicated to documenting the testing and certifications of the Safe Cell. See it here: Safe Cell Testing and Certifications

Manual Hand Crank Backup

Any electrical system can fail and batteries under long term storage in a shelter are no exception. As a last resort, our backup hand crank will keep you safe in your shelter. It mounts at a comfortable height and is easy to operate. No NBC filter should be without a manual backup system.

Lightweight Construction

Due to it’s light weight ABS construction, the 60 CFM Safe Cell weighs just 49 pounds and the 120 CFM Safe Cell weighs 60 pounds. Each of these models has generous wrap around flanges at a good lifting height that provide a secure handle for one or two people to lift and carry it.

The safest way to change the filters in a shelter is to suit up, seal up the filtration system by put the shipping caps on the intake and outflow ports, remove it from the wall mount, and take it outside to change the filters – leaving the contaminated ones outside of your protected space. No other NBC filter has this safe of a filter changing protocol.

In Stock in the United States

In addition to having the lowest price per CFM when compared to other filters, the Safe Cell’s supply chain starts in America, not in Europe. Manufactured at our factory in southern Oregon, we stock both the 60 CFM and the 120 CFM Safe Cells for fast delivery.

We operate our own production facility, which includes machine shop, a fabrication shop tooled up to manufacture our blast doors and hatches, an assembly shop where we bring everything together for final assembly, testing, quality control.

The history of the Safe Cell


The Safe Cell NBC air filter has been in continuous production since 2002. It’s a mature product that has gone through several evolutionary design changes and numerous product improvement revisions.

Find out who invented it and how it was designed: The history of the Safe Cell.

Online Installation and Operation Manuals

We have all of our manuals online so you can see the installation steps, how to operate it, and the complete specifications. Simply go to the detailed product page and click on the manual thumbnail in the right column. Here is the 60 CFM Safe Cell manual and here is the 120 CFM Safe Cell manual.

Do not purchase an NBC air filtration system that doesn’t come with a manual!