60 CFM Filtration System
manual battery backup

60 CFM – Manual Battery Backup

This is the most affordable Safe Cell. It does not have the automatic switching power supply, but you can power it from a standard AC wall outlet with the included power supply.

If the grid goes down, the power supply wire is disconnected from the Safe Cell and the battery wire is connected.

This is the filtration system only. It is designed to mount in a home or business. We also offer this item as part of a complete system that includes everything you need for installation in a hardened shelter.

Both the 120 volt AC to 12 volt DC power supply and the battery wire are included.

Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical
Air Filtration

The ASR-100-12V-NBC Safe Cell is a positive pressure nuclear, biological, and chemical air filtration system that has been engineered to meet the critical specifications outlined in the US Army Corps of Engineers Design of Collective Protection Shelters to Resist Chemical, Biological, and Radiological (CBR) Agents, Technical Letter Number ETL 1110-3-498.

Perfect for remote shelters or mobile installations like RV’s or boats. These picture shows a 12 volt DC only Safe Cell mounted in a harbor patrol and interdiction boat funded by the Department of Homeland Security. We have 11 Safe Cells in use by port authorities. They were installed when the boats were built by four different boat manufacturers.

Selected for frontline use

Besides harbor patrol and interdiction boats, the DC only Safe Cell has been used in radiological cargo inspection trailers. We supplied an OEM with a few dozen special DC only Safe Cells that they hardwired into their trailers. Note the bypass valve that allows them to select fresh or filtered air. 




What’s Included with this filtration system

The Safe Cell comes with everything necessary to pull it from the boxes and install it in a safe room. If your room is sealed up, you will also need an overpressure valve. If you are installing it in a blast resistant shelter, you should also install blast valves.

  • One DC only Safe Cell with a complete filter bank that includes the two pre-filters, a nuclear grade HEPA particulate filter, and a warfare gas carbon adsorber.
  • A wall mount bracket that has two quick release clamps, two star nuts, and four lag screws.
  • One 120 volt AC to 12 volt DC power supply.
  • One DC power cord.
  • One 60 inch chemical resistant flexible air intake hose.
  • One wall mount flange and gasket for the hose.
  • One hard copy of the installation and operation manual.

Technical manual

Like all of our products, we have a comprehensive installation and operation manual for the DC only Safe Cell.

Prices, availability, and ordering

ASR-100-12V-NBC – $3,395, plus shipping




Just before the Iraqi war of 2003 and right after the Fukushima nuclear power plant event in 2011, we were overwhelmed with filter orders. We ran out of HEPA filters in just a few days – all for the American market. The special nuclear grade HEPA filters we use are individually scan tested and comply with UL 586. It normally takes three weeks to get an order delivered to us from the largest American filter manufacturer. If there is a nuclear event anywhere in the world, the interest in acquiring an NBC air filtration system will be relentless. Be sure and see our replacement filter page. Every Safe Cell should have at least one complete reload of filters.

Please contact our sales department to place your order.