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Manufacturing protection products since 2001, ASR | American Safe Room will provide proven reliability, experience based advice and engineering driven results.


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NBC Air Filtration Systems

Designed around the US Army Corps of Engineers technical letter on collective protection the ASR Safe Cell provides military/hospital grade NBC protection and reliability for your Safe Room.

Underground Shelter Kits

ASR Underground Shelter Kits provide engineered protection at affordable prices for DIY installations. Every ASR Underground shelter kit has an engineer certified blast rating.

Blast Resistant Doors

ASR Blast resistant access and Safe Room doors protect you from modern threats and keep your investments secure with engineered design, tested reliability and American built quality.

NBC Filter Accessories

Designed to connect quickly and easily to the ASR-Safe Cell NBC Filtration System, ASR Filtration accessories allow each system to be tailor fit to meet your needs while improving functionality, longevity and reliability.

Ventilation Pipes

Designed for hardened applications of the ASR Safe Cell NBC Filtration System, ASR ventilation pipes provide additional protection, reliability and longevity and are custom built to fit your application needs.

Blast Hatches

ASR blast resistant hatches provide an engineered solution for concealable emergency access to your protected space, with hinges and latches straight from ASR’s proven line of blast doors that will keep you secure.

Blast Valves

Connecting easily to the ASR Safe Cell filtration system. The ASR-101-BV provides total control over your air supply with engineered blast protection and built in manual shut off features.

For two decades American Safe Room has provided engineered protection products including: 

-Blast Protected NBC Filtration Systems

-Blast resistant doors and hatches. 

-Blast Resistant Safe Room Doors

-Under ground bunker systems


American Safe Room Bomb Doors

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