Air filtration accessories


Emergency backup hand crank

A rotating hand pump that mounts on the wall over the Safe Cell for manual operation during long term power outages.


Blast valves

Blast valves are heavy steel pressure vessels that have valves inside that automatically close if there is a nearby explosion. They mount right over the vent pipes inside your shelter. Our blast valves can also be manually locked shut if you need to lock down your ventilation pipes from inside your because of a structural fire or a malicious person outside your shelter. 


Preset overpressure valve

The overpressure valve is a one way check valve that mounts over the outflow vent pipe or blast valve. It prevents unfiltered air from backing up through your outflow pipe into your shelter. It also gives a slight back pressure to the airflow from the Safe Cell to help it maintain overpressure.


Adjustable overpressure valve

The adjustable overpressure valve does everything the preset one does, but it also allows you to increase the overpressure in your shelter by chocking down the outflow orifice.


Ventilation pipes

These are heavy steel pipes that feature a large mounting flange at the bottom and a forced entry resistant rain hood at the top. They come with a heavy rubber gasket, concrete wedge anchors, a masonry bit to mount them to the outside of a shelter as well as an insect screen, and a security fastener and wrench for the rain hood.

We fabricate them to order and they can be either wall or ceiling mounted.


Replacement filters

Every Safe Cell installation should have a reload of filters standing by.


Automatic ventilation blower

A separate blower that mounts on the wall next to the Safe Cell and provides unfiltered ventilation when there are no outside airborne threats using the same ventilation pipes as the NBC filter.


Differential pressure gauge

A differential pressure gauge used to indicate the positive pressure (overpressure) inside your protected space.

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