stop the smoke
before it enters your home

Wide spectrum air filtration that is engineered for bomb shelters, but affordably priced for your home!

Designed to meet the critical elements of the US Army Corps of Engineer’s guidelines

Featuring a nuclear grade HEPA filter and a massive block of activated carbon


FEMA 453
FEMA 453

What lies beyond room air filters?

Imagine a filtration system that draws air from outside your home, filters out both the particulates and chemicals, and then discharges it into your home with enough pressure to ensure that any air leaks flow outward.

This is called overpressure. More air pressure inside than outside. 

This is the Safe Cell NBC Air Filtration System. We’ve put thousands of them in bomb shelters, nuclear power plants, heavy equipment used to clean up EPA Superfund toxic sites, and Homeland Security funded harbor patrol boats.


Smoke contains both particulates and gases

The Safe Cell draws outside air through two pre-filters and a nuclear grade HEPA filter, removing the particulates. Then the air is drawn through a bed of tightly packed granulated carbon where gases are adsorbed. We’ve engineered the dwell time of the air in the carbon bed t meet the critical specifications in the US Army Corps of Engineer’s Technical Letter ETL 1110-3-498

For more information on the filters and carbon we used in the Safe Cell, see the Filter Testing and Certifications page.

Installation of a Safe Cell

The Safe Cell is easily mounted in a home or apartment. It attaches to a wall with a mounting bracket. You can draw air from the outside through a four inch diameter pipe through the wall or from a register duct with the optional duct adapter. See the manual for detailed installation instructions.

Most homes have enough air leaks to exhaust the air back outside, but if your protected space is sealed up tight, you might need an overpressure valve over another four inch pipe.

Protect your family with one of these air filtration systems:

Manual battery backup
12 people – 3,500 ft3
Manual (PDF)
Product page

Filtration system only
$1,850 – plus shipping

Automatic battery backup
12 people – 3,500 ft3
Manual (PDF)
Product page

Filtration system only
$2,625 – plus shipping

Automatic battery backup
24 people – 7,000 ft3
Manual (PDF)
Product page

Filtration system only
$5,100 – plus shipping

Each of these systems comes with everything you need to install it:

  • The Safe Cell with a complete bank of filters
  • A wall mounting system to keep it secure
  • An air intake hose and a wall mount flange
  • AC (wall outlet) and DC (battery) power cords
  • A hard copy of the installation and operation manual

See all of the Safe Cell models on our Safe Cell NBC air filtration page

Optional accessories

These items will help you set up a safe room in your home. Each link will take you to their own page:

Backup Hand Crank

This is a secondary backup after the battery backup system built into the Safe Cell. If the grid goes down for an extended time and you have no way of recharging your battery, this hand crank will allow you to stay sheltered in place.
ASR-100-HC: $755.00

Overpressure valve

The overpressure valve is a one way check valve used to exhaust the air from your protected space. It allows air to go out, but it will not allow unfiltered air to back up into your protected space. It also helps the Safe Cell to maintain overpressure by give a slight back pressure to the airflow.
ASR-50-OP: $175.00

Differential Pressure Gauge

The Safe Cell is an overpressure filtration system that draws air from the outside and introduces it into your protected space with enough airflow to create positive pressure. This overpressure keeps all air flowing outward through any small leak points so no airborne toxins can migrate in. This gauge shows the difference in pressure between your protected space and the outside.
ASR-05-DPG: $295.00

Replacement air filters

Every Safe Cell installation should have at least one reload of spare filters. After the nuclear accident in Fukushima Japan in 2011, we were out of filters in two days even though we can only ship the Safe Cell to end users in the United States. When there is a nuclear event anywhere in the world, every NBC filter manufacturer will probably be out of stock in short order. The time to get your replacement filters is when you order your Safe Cell!

How to order

Contact our sales department and get your Safe Cell on the way!

The Safe Cell ships by UPS Ground in unmarked boxes.