Shelter Build Series 3

This underground shelter kit was installed discreetly in the side of a hill on a remote piece of property.

The pad is cut and some gravel is placed in the hole.

The form boards and rebar for the floor pad are in place. Note how steep the sides were dug. Most soils will require much more slope to prevent erosion. The installer took care to tarp the work area so rain would not weaken the dirt walls or interfere with the concrete pour.

The floor pad has been poured and the block walls are started. Note the temporary wood frame that will be the rough opening for the blast door.

The walls are up the door opening is roughed in.

The ceiling trusses are set and attached to the form boards with the included angel brackets.

The last bit of sun this shelter will see. Note the holes in the trusses for the rebar.

The bottom form boards for the ceiling are in place. Note that they are left in place after the pour. The wood ceiling allows for items to be easily attached to the ceiling.

The single leaf blast door is placed in the rough opening.

The blast door is installed.

This installer used Ames Blue Max Liquid Rubber to seal the outside of the shelter.

Almost ready for backfill. Note the air intake and outflow ventilation pipes at opposite ends of the shelter. Also note the electrical, water, and data penetrations are through the ceiling, next to the front ventilation pipe.

The entryway is started.

The entryway is completed.

When the forest takes over this clearing, nobody will know it’s there.

The inside was sealed with RadonSeal Plus.

This shelter kit had a complete bathroom installed on a raised platform so the drain lines from the sink, shower, and toilet could be routed out through a wall. On the left is the sink, the center is the shower, and on the right is the toilet. Note the outflow blast valve on the far right. The vent for the three water traps (sink, shower, and toilet) are plumbed in between the blast and overpressure valves. See page 55 of the manual for more information.

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