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Safe Cell NBC filter in a safe roomA safe room is a collective protection area that allows multiple people to shelter in place, safely isolated from outside airborne toxins.

You can build one in your home or office with an NBC filter and an overpressure valve.

American Safe Room has been manufacturing all of the critical components necessary to construct a nuclear, biological, and chemical resistant safe room since 2002. We have sold thousands of Safe Cells for use in underground bunkers, safe rooms, nuclear power plants, chemical plants, and other industrial applications.

We also manufacture equipment for underground shelters like blast doors and hatches, blast valves, and steel ventilation pipes as well as a complete underground shelter kit. Please see for these items.

The Safe Cell is a self contained NBC air filter that has been designed to meet the critical specifications laid out by the US Army Corps of Engineers. It features an onboard automatic battery backup system that instantly draws from a user supplied battery if the grid goes down. Once the grid is back up, it automatically switches back to AC power and recharges the battery. No other NBC filter sold in America has this integrated automatic backup system. If the grid stays down and your battery runs out, the optional backup hand pump can be used to bring filtered air into your shelter and expel the carbon dioxide and moisture that the occupants exhale.


There are claims being made on the internet that NBC air filtration does not offer the best protection from airborne radiation that follows a nuclear blast. The claim is that a carbon dioxide scrubbing system along with bottled oxygen are more effective at keeping radiation out of a protected space. Here is our response:

1. Without a positive pressure NBC filter, you will not have overpressure in your shelter and will be reliant upon how well the seals on the doors and hatches are. An outside wind gust can generate more pressure than the shelter pressure and force fallout or chemical agents into your shelter.
2. These systems are incredibly expensive when it comes to the consumables: $300 for a carbon dioxide scrubbing cartridge that lasts about 12 hours, plus the cost of oxygen.
3. Oxygen is an extreme accelerant and is dangerous to have in confined spaces.

Here is another claim being made:
The National Institute for Occupational Health & Safety (NIOSH) states in their guidance document, ‘Filtration and Air-Cleaning Systems to Protect Building Environments from Airborne Chemical, Biological, or Radiological Attacks,’ that “filtration and air-cleaning devices would be ineffective at stopping the blast and radiation itself.”

And our response:
We agree that filtration and air-cleaning devices would be ineffective at stopping the blast and radiation itself. NBC air filters remove the radioactive fallout (particulates) and radioactive iodine (a true gas) from the shelter air. What stops a blast and the subsequent radiation is the structure of the shelter. Carbon dioxide scrubbers don't stop the blast and radiation either. Again, let's be very clear about this "straw man" claim: the energy from a detonation and the radiation from a nuclear blast can only be stopped by the structure and the mass of the shelter.


Every bunker built by a government that we know of uses an NBC filter designed to keep the shelter in positive relative pressure (overpressure). The reason for this overpressure is so that you are not relying upon how well your shelter is sealed up. If there are any minor leaks, the air flows outward, keeping out all airborne toxins. The Corps of Engineers considers an overpressure of .3 inches of water gauge a Class 1 protected space. The Safe Cell puts out about three times this amount of pressure and if you do not have any major leaks in your shelter, you will stay above this specification.

The Safe Cell is designed to draw air in through a chemical resistant air intake hose into the bottom end bell that has been designed to diffuse the airflow and hit the entire surface of the pre-filters evenly. After the air goes through the pre-filters it is next drawn through the nuclear grade HEPA filter. This HEPA filter is individually tested (not batch tested) and the results of that test are on a placard right on the filter. Next in line is the carbon adsorber. We use a blend of NUK-TK carbon (optimized for radioactive iodine - a true gas) and ASZM TEDA carbon (optimized for the higher volatility warfare gases). The ASZM TEDA carbon is what the US military uses in their gas masks and collective protection filters and is cannot be shipped outside of the United States without an export licence.

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American Safe Room provides free air filtration and component blast protection shelter consultations. Contact our Sales Manager at 541-459-1806 or send a plan view drawing of your shelter to or FAX it to 503-212-6695.